Our Company

Since 2004, Hall Trucking, Inc. has provided rig moving and oilfield transportation services. Our philosophy has always been to employ talented people, teach them how to do their jobs the best way possible, and to provide them with excellent equipment. Management takes a hands-on approach in day-to-day operations and works to ensure that our people our set up for success. We strive to maintain long-term employees who are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and believe that our company as well as our customers benefit from their experience. Our people get the training and support they need to continue to improve in their careers. We are always looking for better, safer, and quicker ways to move rigs. Whether it's better equipment designs or adjusting our equipment or personnel lineups, we are never satisfied with the status quo. Our goal at Hall Trucking, Inc. is to offer our customers the best people, methods, and the most capable equipment on every rig move!