Our Services

We specialize in rig moving and single load heavy haul oilfield transportation services. With over 30 pieces of equipment we can handle any size rig or any single load service job you might have. Our fleet consists of late model winch trucks, pole trucks, bed trucks. We provide stretch air-ride trailers to make sure your sensitive rig loads and camps arrive undamaged even on the roughest of roads. Because drilling is often done in areas of extreme weather, our equipment is designed to continue to operate wherever our services might be needed. In order to avoid lost time due to mud, snow and ice, or sub-zero temperatures, we have invested in the best equipment possible to keep the rig move going. We are involved in the fabrication and design of our equipment, this attention to detail and the willingness to invest heavily in our equipment pays off for you with safer and smoother rig moves. We plan and manage the job based on conditions in order to minimize the safety risks to people and equipment, and also to reduce the cost and time of your rig move.